good morning, again

a short catalogue of my original world that i started a long time before i even thought of making a website.

this was my first time looking for premade modpacks that weren't just hodgepodged things some friends had put together to mess around. i wanted a sense of progression, something well built, and most importantly, i wanted to play a tech mod that was built around a system i really enjoy: Immersive Engineering.

the current [and probably final] state of my factory. ignore the clay clumps on the ground.

i like IE a lot because not only are the models and machines pretty, they give a theming to tech mods that's usually lost. in this case, refrencing the victorian industrial revolution. or just the industrial revolution in general. whatever. i just really like the aesthetic and way you interact with the machines. plus the way you string wires together is really cool.

this modpack is really something casual that you can come in and out of playing, and i like that a lot. for someone who doesn't have a lot of time to play minecraft anymore, or motivation really, this pack is great for me. it's got a bunch of other mods that synergize with different elements of the pack.

not my image, from the mod page itself on curseforge. shows a lot of the cooking stuff you can do. many food items and beneifts from having a varied diet.

i think that's cool. that's the magic of modpacks that have--what i would assume--years of work being put into them. they create something special that not only the developers can enjoy but something that the community can create stories from.

that's what i like doing the most.

like this. a little lore beat i have for this part of the world is that as the railroad developed, they evolved from needing a simple rickety bridge to something that would be further supported by deepslate, a tougher stone to make bricks out of. it also commands power and respect, as the riverbed beneath would have dried up. the bridge connects two vastly different biomes as well, a baobab savannah and a temprate plains. one experiences four seasons, the other only wet and dry. the rail company constructed most of the bridge out of treated wood to protect against thunderstorms because of it.

also, framed blocks make me cum. more packs need to have mods like this.

the railroad in question. zoom in.

originally it was made to transport villagers from the savannah village to my compound. a bit of overkill to build a whole bridge, come up with a reason for the bridge being there, and put down cobbled deepslate ballast all the way to the village. but i enjoyed it.

i had decided to transport 4 villagers at first to my compound. two to be chucked into a breeder, and two for trades.

the breeder worked well. in fact, i wasn't able to keep up with its production of villagers. i couldn't build spots in the trading hall fast enough. but i eventually did, and it made me really really really tired. but i tried to make it fucking pretty too.

never want to do a project like this again lmfao. but it is unbelievably worth it.

the trading hall removed the need to farm for resources such as copper for wires, books, gave me a sink for my carrots and potatoes and wheat for money, etc. it became a self-sustaining system that propelled my wealth forward in more ways than one. i could also get bullets for the imaginary revolver that i totally made by now. surely.

kidding. my motivation fell off soon after i finished the trading hall, but it was still incredibly satisfying finishing it, and the rewards while they lasted were worth everything.

there was also a little side plot where i grew a bunch of crops i couldn't automate yet but it was always more trouble than it was worth at the time tbh.

i may return to this world in the future. combined however with this new system of cataloguing what i do in these worlds along with the dread of actually having to finish building the factory makes me want to not, though.

i still might. i really think it's fun. and i miss my hat. for now, i will leave it at that.

i miss you.

thanks for stopping by.

”framed blocks be like △

and i like it”