good morning, again

hi, i'm fondant, but everyone calls me dant. my name's not actually fondant, my sona's named that. it would be silly for me to be named that. smile emoji.

i'm a weird person. if there ever was a definition of weird that said "absolutely nothing and boring and yet they try their best to create stuff that makes both other people happy and themselves, but they haven't figured that out yet. also horny".

i just shorten it to weird and boring.

but boring is stupid, weird is stupid.

let's say it's special. no that's pretentious. try unique. no. different. stupid. yes. stupid.

stupid!!!! that's the best way to describe me. stupid and boring. no just stupid.

mediocre and stupid. there you go.

the stupid purple idiot you keep seeing around here; drawn by me

what am i doing here.

to be honest, i don't know.

i kinda had an inkling of an idea to start a website, but i never knew what to use it for. i didn't have a reason. technically i still don't, but people--and by people i mean vomitdistrict--have pushed me far enough to really understaand what it is about a website that makes it great to make. which is great and nice, but that doesn't really change that i don't have anything to write or make about.

even if this is a space for me, the space i have for myself in my head is empty. my brainspace is a big nothing. an empty expanse of spaghettified ideas that have fizzled out over time and a vague idea of happiness that is far and faded away.

do i mean to be so depressing? no, and if i haven't been, i'm sorry for being pretentious.

i don't have a reason to be here. and that's okay. i'll figure it out eventually.

not everything needs a reason to just be, anyway.

for now though, i have old art and minecraft journals. i hope to make more interesting stuff soon.

thanks for stopping by.

Y'know, I think I'll stay a kid