i look up at the sky

humans exude a natural poison that harms other creatures to make them appear unappetizing.

you have to hurt yourself with it first though.

run yourself in circles over aand over and over again. run from the threat. run yourself arouund until you're tired, exhausted, drowning in the air. it'll only make you stronger.

more resilient to change. to threats. if you keep thinking about what will happen and run run around, you'll get faster, you'll get stronger, and you'll let out this poison that protects you. it becomes your water, your air. breathe it in, for it keeps you safe. it tastes like iron.

clear through the dark clouds

it is indiscriminate. it does not care who the threat is.

you will hurt those around you. bad, and good. unknown to you. known. whether you want it to or not.

its influence spreads farther than you can imagine. the poison is the air you breathe. what you exhale is its fumes.

if you revel in it, you will be alone.