i sail through the cosmos on a ship all my own

the time is 236AM.

i was just told for like, what i guess this is the third time now?

that i saved someone's life.

i don't think it'll really ever get old. the fact that i could save someone from a fate they do not deserve just yet, someone so close and vital to me, it's just one of.

it's just one of those things.

really makes me evaluate my life and what i'm doing here, what i've allowed myself to become. did i used to be so pathetic? yes, and possibly even more so now. however, as much as i try to say that i'll make an effort to seek to see and speak to be heard and whatever, nothing ever changes. i don't think this environment is fit for it.

fit for me.

i saved someone's life, by just doing what i do best: loving another. i want to do that for the rest of my life. i want to love everyone. everyone who deserves it.

love is good.