my neck hurts

good morning darling

i've made you some images, would you like to see?

and the one as the background for this diary entry. right click and open in a new tab if you're curious.

i think if the technology ever came out to where you could visually see on a monitor what someone is visualizing in their head, those might be what it would look like. nothing clear or real besides perhaps some words of thoughts whizzing within an instant. then gone again like nothing was there at all. in some ways i think maybe some surrealists might find that technology a godsend. at last they could project what they see in their head out into the world: their perception made reality in its rawest form.

that would be metal as fuck.

but to be honest, i don't think they would be given the chance to use such technology. it's like history repeating, isn't it?

like the printing press, like daguerreotype, like linotype, like collage, like inkjet, like digital painting, like 3d software, like ai art, and like every new tool artists and designers create for themselves to experiment in new mediums, it will get kicked down to the ground like the antichrist if he raped a woman in broad daylight.

maybe that's an exaggeration. or maybe he doesn't have to rape a woman at all.

either way, the artists and designers who use such technology would be treated as if they were the antichrist in the middle of times square. in such a hyper-consumerist world the west has become, it's terrifying to think about. the fact that innovations are scary for the mere fact that they could anger people so much that they want to kill you.

maybe that's a good thing.

not the killing you part, obviously, but the idea that those people now have a target on their heads. if you stop the people who bark in the face of progress, then you will never stop moving forward, right?

wrong, that's fascism.

and eugenics.


it goes both ways. online teenagers playing gotcha and staring at random users waiting until they do something that they don't like and crucifying them for it.

like that.

i think one of the most hilarious parts of it all is when they try so hard to denounce fascism but do not realize that their hyperfixation on being the hall monitor in the twitter timeline is what being the thought police is all about.

maybe they aren't old enough and their english classes haven't gotten to nineteen eighty-four yet. glory to ingsoc and all that.

maybe i'll be the one to get vaporized.

if they had their way though, we'd all find our twinks turned into beetle-like men and our women turned into puppets that have no shred of humanity or spine left.

to be honest i wouldn't want to live in a world where the women are unattractive. who wouuld?

this is going off the rails.

artists who are and aren't fags [i'm fag] should go to zurich, meet up at cabare voltaire and have a giant orgy. create art from it. fuck them up. get absolutely rocked and kill the american youth with the most beautiful artform in the world: love.

my teeth were never the same after they removed them

it's time for bed

i call this set "ilyad, i love you and die".

there's one more.