trot through the cityscape

i don't really remember why i wanted to write in my diary today.

which makes sense, that's like my trademark.

i suppose the whole point of a diary is to just write whatever. it doesn't always have to be sad and depressing, does it.

maybe i can say one little thought in my mind. as a treat.

there is a lot of violence whirling around in my head. murderous things. stuff that would be the deepest darkest parts of a person's id.

the superego usually prevents those thoughts from manifesting in a physical state. obviously. if it doesn't, you would see a lot of the people you know on the news being incarcerated for murder.

the sounds of my hooves on the marble road

it's not exactly difficult to control it.

but it's hard sometimes.

you think to yourself, "things would just be easier if this person was out of the picture."

but in reality, nothing would really change at all.