i can smell the roses

my most recent fully completed piece

26 February 2023

a set of gifs i made on a whim over the course of 4 or so hours. when i posted it to tumblr i thought to myself when i set them all up pretty "huh, this is cool. maybe i could make more shit like this and make a zine". it started with the first one, and spiraled from there. which i think is one of the most beautiful things art can be.

ilyad, i love you and die

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taste the daisies

art from Jan 2022 - Jan 2023

the strangest year i've had for art so far. this is the year i got the number one thing that catapulted my art into something so much more worthwhile in my eyes. this is the year when i realized just how alone i was, to finding out that i'm someone that belongs in a place i couldn't have dreamed of. this is the year where i was pushed to my limit and could not pick my pen up to make another thing. i juust couldn't for a really long time. or at least it felt like a really long time. i was coaxed into making a website, and it's one of the best decisions of my life. my brain deteriorated and it was everpresent in my art, with the hurt and fear and anger i felt for needless things. but, i feel so much more alive after everything, even with how much i thought about just disappearing forever. not dying or anything, just running away. i still think about running away, but not in the same way. i also started going to college to get a graphic design degree. i plan on dropping out as soon as possible.

finding creative spaces i can be myself in and create what i love in has made me want to do everything i can to make this world mine. make this world ours. i'll do my best.

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”Create what you