dear diary,

i've recently been told that this is a diary.

i've never thought of it as one. it doesn't quite follow the formula of one i guess. i don't write in it daily--thank god--but i guess often enough that it could be considered one.

diario. diary. daily.

it's a personal thing. i write personal things in it. it's dumb.

i'm going to eat you

this is dumb.

i think so, anyway.

i think a lot of the things i do are dumb. there's nothing i feel i do that means something. means something in a way that matters.

they can mean all they want to other people, but to me, the things i do feel worthless at times.

like why do i do them? for wwhat purpose? they all have to have one for me, otherwise why bother. why bother.

i think i'm talking out of my ass, to be honest.